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L.A. Fine Arts Squad. Artists Terry Schoonhoven and Victor Henderson began a collaboration in 1969 with the mural, Brooks Street Painting, on the back wall of Henderson's Venice studio. Although academically trained, both shared a desire to take their art out of the elitist gallery scene and bring it directly into the community. Jim Frazen and Leonard Koren, students of Schoonhoven's, joined the group for a short time. The Los Angeles Fine Arts Squad viewed its murals as street theater, relishing their immediate effect on the community and caring less about how long their paintings lasted. Most of the group's work is either gone or badly damaged. The squad disbanded in 1974. 

Isle of California

L.A. Fine Arts Squad
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice

A compressed post-earthquake landscape featuring an ocean wave crashing against rocks in Arizona, the new West Coast, and a dangling free