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Arts District Mural Tour For Students from The Bay Area
April 1 2012

MCLA hosted a class of 20 art students from the Oakland School for the Arts on a mural tour of the Downtown LA Arts District. The tour group stopped at the foot of How & Nosm’s mural “Heartship” where they were joined by special guest speaker, Danial Lahoda, founder of the L.A. Freewalls Project and LALA Gallery.  

(Image shown above © Ian Robertson, 2012)

Interview with Deedee Cheriel
April 18 2012

MCLA’s Executive Director, Isabel Rojas-Williams caught up with muralist, Deedee Cheriel, to talk about her new public work at the Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Originating from Eugene, Oregon, Cheriel's work reflects an interest in nature, and a desire to humanize even the smallest of creatures. Watch the interview here. Her piece is viewable atThe Standard Hotel, 550 S. Flower Street and 6th Street, Los Angeles CA 90017.

(Image © Ian Robertson, 2012)
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MCLA at Urban Legends: Art Exhitibion & Auction  
April 27 - 28 2012

The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) was proud to contribute as honorary partners to Urban Legends (4/27/12-5/26/12), an exhibition organized by The Estria Foundation. The Estria Foundation, Do ArT Foundation, L.A. Art Machine and honorary partners, SPARC, Crewest Gallery, ICU Art, and Find Art Magazine, collaborated for Urban Legends, an exhibition and auction of public art by artists from around the world. Featured artists included a roster of more than 50 urban artists, from well-known muralists, to even the most sought after, collected, and internationally known urban/street/graffiti artists. The opening included live music, food and MCLA's Graffiti virtual mural tour. Artists Kent Twitchell, Judy Baca, Tempt One, and James Prigoff were awarded at the event for their years of contribution to public art around the world. Free admission begins May 1st and will go until  May 26th. LA Mart & Design Center/Source LA 1933 S. Broadway, 12th Floor, Suite 1240 Los Angeles, CA 90007. 

Kent Twitchell Awarded at Urban Legends
(Image © Ian Robertson, 2012 )

Estrada Courts Mural Tour
April 28 2012
As part of a three-day educational event focusing on Latino history organized by LAGRANT Communication, MCLA led a group of journalists on a tour of the historic Estrada Courts murals. The tour had appearances by muralists Willie Herrón III, Richard Haro, and Ernesto de la Loza. Journalist learned about the rise of  muralism in the 1970's, how it influences the community today, and MCLA's current restoration efforts. The lucky journalists also visited Candelas Guitars, LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, L.A. Starts Here! exhibition, Dodger Stadium, and Mister Cartoon Studios.

Estrada Courts Tour, Richard Haro's "Outer Space" 
(Image © Gil Ortiz, 2012)
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Murals in the News:

Chicano Mural Conversation Extends...
KCET Departures | Ed Fuentes | March 27

Fighting Vandalism wtih Murals

Intersections South L.A. | Samantha Katzman | April 11

Sketch of Early Chicano Mural Discovered 
KCET Departures | Ed Fuentes | April 16

April 20 "Siqueros Day"
Blog Downtown | Hayley Fox | April 20

Protecting Siqueros America Tropica Mural
KCET Departures | Ed Fuentes | April 24

Art & Development on Collison Path in East LA
EGPNews | Gloria Angelina Castillo | April 26

 Artist of the Month: Carlos Callejo

Carlos Callejo with his current work in progres . . .

"Early on, my messages and themes that I was utilizing were more for personal self-expression, not necessarily reflecting what was going on around me [...] It was my own way of interpreting the indoctrination that was going on at the time, because the Chicano Movement wasn’t about just suffering; what I call the physical exploitation, the bad working conditions, bad health care, and bad housing, but also the psychological suffering that was brought to us by the media and the education system. "

Read his entire interview here
Pictured above is Carlos Callejo with a current work in progress.

In This Issue...

  • Featured artist of the month: Carlos Callejo
  • Fundraiser for "Outer Space"
  • MCLA at Urban Legendsexhibtion

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At a glance...

MCLA at “Arts Day LA”
April 11 2012

MCLA was present for the first annual “Arts Day” held at City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles that brought together over 75 arts advocates and city council representatives to celebrate the city’s non-profit arts and cultural sector. 

Picture of guests at Arts Day L.A. 2012

 Asian and Pacific-Islander American (APIA) Heritage Month Opening Ceremony
 April 27 2012

MCLA is proud that one of our own, Hanh Nguyen, had her artwork featured in the Asian and Pacific-Islander American (APIA) Heritage Month Opening Ceremony invitation, and in the 2012 Calendar and Cultural Guide. The event, entitled “Breaking the Mold” highlighted some of the most important artists of Asian American Pacific Islander descent and their vital contributions to the cultural life of Los Angeles. Honorees included KW Lee, Jyoti Nanda, and Michelle Kwan.  

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Opening Ceremony 4/27/12


(Photo © Isabel Rojas-Williams, 2012)
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Ends May 27th 2012

Help us restore Richard Haro's "Outer Space" mural! This mural is located in the historic Estrada Courts, a site that gave birth to the 1970’s Chicano Mural Art Movement. Be part of L.A.'s history, and make your donation today! Click the link below to see recent progress he's made on this wonderful mural. 

Recent Picture of Richard Haro's "Outer Space" Mural
(Photo © Erté deGarces, 2012)
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Urban Farm/ Urban Arts: MCLA and the L.A. Leadership Academy
April 26 2012

MCLA’s E.D., Isabel Rojas-Williams was invited by “Do ArT Foundation” to speak to “Los Angeles Leadership Academy’s” students. Inspired by Cesar E. Chávez, "Young Urban Farmers" at the Lincoln Heights school will grow their own food, which will be served at their school's cafeteria. It was great to share with the students the parallels between the UFW & Muralism in celebration of César Chávez Day. The students designed a mural that was dedicated on March 31st to the school site.

Video of Urban Farm/ Urban Arts by L.A. Leadership Academy

Watch the video here 

April 20 2012 Declared "Dia de Siqueiros" 

When L.A. City Council deemed this past April 20th, "Dia de Siqueiros", art advocates gathered in City Hall to celebrate. Among those celebrating is Siqueiros' own great grand neice, Anna Siqueiros (pictured below). Click here to read more. 
Dia de Siqueros, April 20th  
(Image © Isabel Rojas-Williams, 2012) 
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