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Little Tokyo Art Complex211 E. 3rd. St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

15' X 72' ft
Recycled Behr & Novacolor paint
Description / Interpretation: 

"Pershing Square is one of the more unique parks in Los Angeles County. In the fall of 2014 I drew an anonymous couple talking on a park bench. So universal is a simple conversation in a public space that I wanted to include it as the focal point for my first LA mural. Within this scene I include observations I’ve made with the city’s landscape throughout the weeks and months of wandering and discovering. Some of these are recognizable, including newspaper stands, lamp posts, cement trucks, skyscrapers, trees, cars, faces and who knows what else. I was asked to create this for the Little Tokyo Art Complex, which is an Art Studio space for around twenty odd artists, including myself. The entrance is right through that blue door, and stands as a true oddity in the Wholesale Alley district. I began work in August 2014, and continue to work on it into present day, consistently shifting and evolving as the seasons change and my art changes. The impressionistic color harmonies inherently present in a years worth of coverage acts like a modern day Monet painting. The paint itself was kindly donated to me from many individuals who would have otherwise taken the paint to a recycling plant. This mural is a true gem, adding new color and life to a part of Los Angeles that truly needed it." - Paul Juno

Paul is a multi-faceted artist who specializes in creating intensely intimate color harmonies through the use of impasto textured paints. He received his BFA in Illustration from RMCAD, delving into surrealism, cubism, and most importantly color theory. According to Paul, color symbolizes life; its sexy wavelengths can be manipulated in an infinite amount of ways to the delight of human eyes. His body of work communicates activity, and allows your eyes to move throughout the composition with glee. For many of his paintings, no figure, statement, or message is forced upon the viewer; instead all that remains is color and contrast. To compliment the abstraction, he delves into observational illustration, in which he captures not only the physical attributes of the figure, but the metaphysical atmosphere that surrounds it. Photos © Paul Juno