Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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MCLA maintains a FREE database of Los Angeles' Mural History linking artists, murals and neighborhoods. The foundation of this database was shaped by Robin Dunitz' book "Street Gallery", the first true compilation of Los Angeles public murals. The MCLA website allows submissions of murals created recently in Los Angeles, forming an ever growing archive joining the historic with the new.

To email your submissions, please send high resolution digital images along with the name of artist(s), location, year size and medium to:

"This mural explored the dichotomy of my work indoors in the studio, and outdoors in the public space. On one half of the mural there are forms that look like internal organs and guts, representing inner space, on the...
Downtown LA
"This mural is about our beautiful city of Los Angeles and her art, fashion and architecture that she presents to the Universe in an effort to bring peace and tranquility throughout.  It is personified as a galaxy of...
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice
Photo: © Norma Montoya
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Artists (lead by Anna Siqueiros) include: Ernesto de la Loza, Willie Herrón III, Carlos Callejo, Carlos Duran, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Fabian Debora, Raul Gonzalez, Nuke, Defer, Blossom and more. "With passion and love for...
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice
Addresses the themes of race, color, and unity. During the creation of the mural, the artist also taught a class on "Murals, World Wall Art." Commissioned and sponsored by Pitzer College. Photo © Robin Dunitz. 
San Bernandino Valley
A compressed post-earthquake landscape featuring an ocean wave crashing against rocks in Arizona, the new West Coast, and a dangling freeway remnant. Artists: L.A. Fine Arts Squad (Victor Henderson, Terry Schoonhoven,...
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice
Portrait of Audrey Hepburn done with a stencil. Photo © Isabel Rojas-Williams
Downtown LA
A warning about pollution. Artist: Kenny Leach and Ray Jackson Photo: © Robin Dunitz
Long Beach
Trompe l'oeil scene of what might be found outside an Italian restaurant, such as clothes hanging on a line, a motorcycle, and vendors selling produce. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
San Fernando Valley
Photo: ©
Downtown LA