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6103 N Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90042. (click to view)

Description / Interpretation: 

Painted on the outside of La Estrella #3 in Highland Park. "Yes I did originally paint it back in 1999.  Their was a young son of an owner who had bought the place, later he sold it, luckily the new owners kept it.  This mural was painted at a time when I was living at Regeneracion in Highland Park, at that time many Xicanos/as were learning about their culture via ceremony, Sundance, sweatlodges, and Peyote ceremonies.  That is what is mostly painted inside the fields, peyote, medicine wheels a bull in particular like in the Huichol ceremony where it is offered or sacrificed.  Also their is a Buddhist influence and Lost the Bunny  who is smoking a carrot pipe, Mayan 13, mirrors with smoke.  All the words start with L's  and the woman is my X girlfriend La Martina and the guitarist my dad, I had recently broken up with her and that was my way to get over it.  I took over a month and the back wall mural, The 7 Sisters of Creation was completely buffed out after the metro came in.  This was all after peyote ceremonies in Tonatierra and even one in Compton." - Raul Baltazar. Photo © Ian Robertson-Salt