Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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MCLA maintains a FREE database of Los Angeles' Mural History linking artists, murals and neighborhoods. The foundation of this database was shaped by Robin Dunitz' book "Street Gallery", the first true compilation of Los Angeles public murals. The MCLA website allows submissions of murals created recently in Los Angeles, forming an ever growing archive joining the historic with the new.

To email your submissions, please send high resolution digital images along with the name of artist(s), location, year size and medium to:

"The title, "Resurrect", meaning, restore to life. I got the inspiration from reading a little over 100 pages from the script play called,  "Seed, A Weird Act Of Faith," created for Cornerstone Theatre Company....
Downtown LA
This mural depicts lyrics by John Lennon in the background that were painted by Kelcey Fisher and the torn money machine gun is a wheat paste made by Ralph Ziman.  The artists intention was to promote peace and give it...
Downtown LA
The importance of protecting and preserving the earth is the theme. A grandmother/curandera (healer) is shown passing her wisdom on to a younger generation. Assistants: Sandra de la Loza, Gloria Guerrero, Nikki Michel,...
East LA
Artists: John Valadez, Carlos Almaraz (and local youth) Dedicated to the 5th cycle of mankind and the 2nd coming of Quetzalcoatl which comes August 9, 1999. Bandit dogs and portraits of local youth. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
Northeast LA, Highland Park
Depicts two prevalent social ills, senseless killing of young people, and homelessness. The shaman in the center represents a healthy state of wholeness. Cesar Chavez represents vision, being focused. The elderly are...
Northeast LA, Highland Park
Rafael Escamilla assisted by Roxanne Salazar and Tom Hinds. "In the 1950’s, the Pacific Electric Red Car’s Glendale/Burbank line ceased operating between downtown Los Angeles and Glendale. Six concrete pillars that...
Hollywood, Silverlake, Echo Park
"This mural was created with themes of youthful rebellion in mind.  I wanted it to be very high energy and graphic, with hair flowing freely, the white eyes symbolizing young naivete." - Allison 'Hueman' Torneros. Photo...
Downtown LA
Manuel Velazquez, assisted by 25 students. Portrait and memorabilia associated with the late rock 'n' roll singer/songwriter ("La Bamba"). Photo: © Robin Dunitz
San Fernando Valley
World Cup Soccer. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice
Designed by Willie Herrón III, painted with assistance from Warren Esquivel. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
Ramona Gardens