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645 N. Alexandria Ave, Los Angeles CA 90004. (click to view)

18' X 12' ft
Latex, Acrylic, and Aerosol
Description / Interpretation: 

John Carlos De Luna assisted by John Garcia. We were so moved by the book ban in Arizona that as a personal protest we moved immediately to talk to the issues as artist. The mural with it’s floating crystal ball and the books that hold all the secrets and knowledge of our ancestry, images such as the “Curandero” (Medicine Man) from the book titled “500 years of Chicano History”, a hummingbird-to represent the forces of creation - the Aztec deity Huitizapochtli - who serves as a native spirit guide and the background swirls represent the cosmos and the spiral of life that connects all creation. The mural took about three a weeks worth of work to create. Non Commissioned work, Artist Donated Time, Labor and Materials. Documented by Photographer Randi Bartosiak.