Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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1109 S Burling Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007 (click to view)

12' X 25' ft
Acrylic & Aerosol
Description / Interpretation: 

"Together with B1 we wanted to promote love in this particular community of Pico Union. This mural was important because the presence of local gangs is very strong in this area and we aimed to spread the love instead of violence.  We all use our hands to do many things and we wanted to show that we have the power in our hands to give love. The Graff Lab/PUHC provided the opportunity to paint this wall and we both believe that it is important to provide art for the community.  We also strived to beautify this area by painting a bright mosaic inspired background because the surrounding walls are either filled with graffiti and all grey, buffed and worn." - Carlos CHavez. The hands were painted by Carlos Chavez and the background was painted by B1. Photo © Carlos Chavez.