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MTA MetroWestlake/MacArthur Park Station.Wilshire Blvd. and Alvarado St. Los Angeles, CA 90057. (click to view)

15' X 45' ft
Ceramic tile, two panels
Description / Interpretation: 

The murals were inspired by the nearby communities, which are a meeting of worlds and cultures. The Central and South American peoples here create new homes while transforming Los Angeles. The titles come from the pyramids built in Mexico during the Toltec empire. They were later absorbed into the better-known Aztec civilization.



"My name is Leonardo Ibanez,  (as a) visual artist resident in Los Angeles I had the opportunity to work with Francisco Letelier at the Wilshire-Vermont station mural in Metro Station, facing the MacArthur Park (The Sun and the Moon). I worked in the project as a ceramist consultant. Also I advised on the purchase of ceramics materials as brushes, stains, glazes etc, appropriate to the technique. Regarding my direct participation that was in how to use and apply the ceramic glaze and firing the ceramics tiles (1foot square), using the right kiln with the right temperature to avoid the warping of the tiles. 

In addition, I had the honor of working with Eva Sperling Cockcroft on a mural he designed for the Metro station on the Blue Line in Wilmington. My participation was the same as in the Sun and Moonmural by Francisco Letelier." (Leonardo Ibañez)



Photo: © Robin Dunitz (first two) | Photo © Isabel Rojas-Williams