Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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MCLA maintains a FREE database of Los Angeles' Mural History linking artists, murals and neighborhoods. The foundation of this database was shaped by Robin Dunitz' book "Street Gallery", the first true compilation of Los Angeles public murals. The MCLA website allows submissions of murals created recently in Los Angeles, forming an ever growing archive joining the historic with the new.

To email your submissions, please send high resolution digital images along with the name of artist(s), location, year size and medium to:

Topographical Map is a 20’ h by 80’ w high-relief mosaic and granite mural located on the northern face of the Hall of Records. The mural depicts a bird’s eye view of the geologic features and water resources of Los...
Downtown LA
Artists: Rafael Escamilla, Tom Hinds, Roxanne Salazar, and Lourdes Bernie Vasquez. Funded by the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council. Photo © Ian Robertson-Salt
Hollywood, Silverlake, Echo Park
Contributions and exploitation of many nationalities in the development of transportation technology. The movement of the stagecoach represents the West running wild. This was originally a department of Motoro Vehicles...
South Central LA
Travelers in time, as well as the ship and horse as modes of transportation. Also featured is Pico House, a stylish hotel built across from Olvera Street in 1870 by the last Mexican governor of California. This Metro...
Downtown LA
Chicana Action Service Center under the supervision of Josefina Quezada. Designed by Teresa Chacon. Also painted by Thelma Heavilin Sanchez, Susan Valdez Torres, Rosa M. Quezada, Patricia Rivera, Vivian Sanhez, and...
East LA
Tri-C emblem surrounded by images of young people engaged in study and recreation. Sharing a campus with the Lokrantz School, Tri-C is a continuation high school for youth who had problems in regular school. It is...
San Fernando Valley
The United Farmworkers Union flag is shown being raised over cultivated fields by modern-day agricultural workers, a Spanish soldier from the era of the Conquest, and a pre-Columbian Native American. In order shown:...
Estrada Courts
Photo: © SPARC (first image)
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Artists: Elliott & Arnold Pinkney
South Central LA
Noni Olabisi assisted by Charles Freeman. "The stunning mural that Noni Olabisi created effectively tells the story of the 1791 slave rebellion in Haiti which inspired William Grant Still's opera, Troubled Island. The...
Mid City