Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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MCLA maintains a FREE database of Los Angeles' Mural History linking artists, murals and neighborhoods. The foundation of this database was shaped by Robin Dunitz' book "Street Gallery", the first true compilation of Los Angeles public murals. The MCLA website allows submissions of murals created recently in Los Angeles, forming an ever growing archive joining the historic with the new.

To email your submissions, please send high resolution digital images along with the name of artist(s), location, year size and medium to:

Semi-abstract design that combines Aztec symbolism and photo-imagery. A significant lower portion has been painted out because of graffiti. Sponsored and commissioned by SPARC. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
East LA
Families enjoying recreational activities at a local beach. There is also a stained glass window by Susan Hertel. Artist: Millard Sheets, executed by Denis O'Connor and Nancy Colbath Photo: © Robin Dunitz
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice
Beach scene, done for a Sprite Commercial. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
Northeast LA, Highland Park
Photo © Ian Robertson-Salt
East San Gabriel Valley
Chabelita Tacos, exterior and interior. Images of burgers, tacos and people eating, cover every inch of the exterior.
Mid City
Depiction of South Pasadena in 1910 when it was still an ostrich farm. Also shown is a front view of Marengo Elementary School. Photo: © Ian Robertson-Salt
People reading and studying. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
Northeast LA, Highland Park
Children reading under a tree and enjoying nature. 2 panels. Photo: © Ian Robertson-Salt
Representations of world cultures that have interfaced with American life adorn the entrances at Main and Los Angeles Streets. Millard Sheets with 8 assistants. Photo © Ian Robertson-Salt
Downtown LA