Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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S. Los Angeles St. & Winston St., Los Angeles, CA 90013. (click to view)

10' x 40' ft
Graffiti / Street Art
Description / Interpretation: 

This piece was done as part of the “Skid Row Beautification Project”, and with the cooperation of the building owner who noticed an improvement in his business in the short time it was up. Although a potential solution to the mural ban is only weeks away, it won’t be soon enough for some pieces. This piece by Man One and Vyal One was only a few days old, before it was buffed out this morning by the city of LA. The neighborhood has responded positively, with a supportive wheat pasting that reads “This Wall to Remain Ugly and Brown by the Order of the City of Los Angeles”. These murals are an integral part of cultural expression in the City of Los Angeles, and they need to be treated by the city as such. It is important to spread awareness of the rights of artists, and to remind the city that works like these are essential to our identity.  Photo © Crewest Gallery, 2012