Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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3118 N Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90031 (click to view)

Graffiti / Street Art
Description / Interpretation: 

From left to right: "Fire In My Mind" by Axa (Axayacati Arturo Nevarez), "Darwin" by Man One,  "Chew On It" by Vyal,  "In Tune with The Sun and The Moon" by Vyal. 



1. Fire in My Mind: "This piece to me is a representation of my imagination wanting to explore larger horizons and break 
confinements that society and rules have bestowed upon me. Ever since I can remember I have 
always been subjected to many of my childhood peers trying to limit my personal potential. I feel 
that this piece explodes through mythical creatures and colors the passion I have from within to live 
in a world where anything is possible and to find the strength in creatures to rise above everyday 
expectation and follow ones heart. At the time leading up to the mural I had studied Asian art and 
was greatly inspired by the fluidity of the free forms and the dragon representation within the Asian 
culture. I really enjoyed working on this particular symbolic piece." - Axa

Photo © Isabel Rojas-Williams | Photo © Axa (third image only)