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Samo's Autobody 5800 W. Pico Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90019

30' X 15' ft
Acrylic Latex and spray paint
June 2015
Graffiti / Street Art
Description / Interpretation: 

Three surreal fantastical characters march down the streets of Los Angeles blasting their new sound.  Each fitted with their uniform, but uniquely fitted to their personas. The Dead Beat Drummer, Tiger Tuba, and Trumpet Fox play their tunes to bring a new vibrant spirit to the Pico community.



Like a lot of young creative boys, I grew up obsessed with superheroes.  I read comic books, drew in sketchbooks, created board games and my own movies using action figures.  Now an adult, I never seemed to grow out of my love for superheroes and characters.  Today, I switched my pencil and paper for spray cans and walls, finding the mural medium the most gratifying.
After graduating with my BFA in Illustration, I studied abroad in Italy and worked on murals all over New England. After a year, I packed up and moved to Los Angeles, and paint under the moniker Kiptoe, where I continue to make my mark and explore new dimensions. 

When I'm not painting, I also enjoy video production, dancing, woodworking, and lots of peanut butter. - Kiptoe (Matt Dean) | Photo © Kiptoe