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2115 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405 (click to view)

18' x 80' ft
Acrylic on fiberglass mesh
Description / Interpretation: 

Artists: David Botello & Wayne Healy. Assisted by Valente Benavidez. Commissioned by the City of Santa Monica, Percent for Art Program, a Project of the Santa Monica Arts Commission.


"The SM mural required an immense amount of patience.  We won the competition in 1996, and finished the job in 2005 - that's 9 years!  In that time the project concept and site changed many times as the neighborhood Councils and City Council personnel changed.  As always we tried to engage the people who used the park the most for resonance and relevancy.  But what one group approved, the next group rejected.  We finally resolved the issue by requesting photo references supplied by the community and worked them into the composition.  In the end, most everybody was pleased with our results" - Wayne Healy


Photo © Ian Robertson-Salt